This weekend marks the end of summer vacation for my daughters. It seems like every August, we say “Wow… that was a quick Summer”. It may seem like that. But, as you prepare to load up the back-packs, and take the annual “first-day-of-school” photos, be sure to take some time to look back on what God has done in your family this summer.

In our family, we like to take some time around the backyard fire pit to share our summer stories.


Maybe it was that road-trip to see the eclipse. Or, perhaps it is that epic week your kids had at summer camp. Even if it was that home project that you finally finished… take some time to remember what you did this summer. It may help to pull out the family calendar and look at all the things you packed into 3 short months.


Once you look back, take some time as a family to thank God for summer. Thank him for the experiences you had, and the relationships that grew. Simply take some time to say “thank you” for whatever your summer held.


Finally pray. Pray for the school year ahead. As our daughters go back to the public school, we pray that others are able to see God in their lives.

Summer may have gone quickly… but we packed a lot into it!

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