“Right now our culture speaks to us so much about seeking what we want to accomplish, but I just firmly believe our life is meant to be given up to the Lord.”

Esther Havens says living for God, not self, can be incredibly difficult given our current cultural climate. But that doesn’t make it impossible, what does it really mean to live your life for God?

“I would say really seek the Lord and ask Him what He wants.”

God longs to show us His will for our lives, He doesn’t want to keep it from us.

“How do I use my life for your glory, not for my gain, or to promote myself? How do I use it to honor the Lord and to bless His name?”

Our talents and our gifts can serve the Lord, even in the most seemingly mundane ways.

“I have friends that have jobs they don’t love. If we wake up every day and say, God I’m going to do this job, not for myself, but I’m going to do it to glorify you, He will surprise us.”

Unfortunately, we often get bogged down by the lies of Satan telling us our life is worth nothing.

“Many times that oppression takes over and keeps us in that place where we don’t listen to the Holy Spirit, we’re listening to the enemy, and enemy is stopping us from what the Lord wants us to do.”

No matter where you find yourself in life, God can still use you, right where you are, if you commit to living for Him.

“The biggest thing I think is to remember to not life for yourself. It’s not about us here on this earth, it’s about Him. He changes our heart. He makes us love people and opens our heart to see people in a different way than we normally would.”

Esther Havens is a Humanitarian Photographer capturing stories that transcend a person’s circumstances and reveal their true strength. She was recently selected by Christianity Today Magazine as one of the 33 under 33 Christian leaders shaping the next generation of our faith. While not traveling, Esther is currently home-based in Dallas, Texas.

Key Scripture: Isaiah 41:10

Featured Songs: I Will Go – Emmanuel Live; Let There Be Light  – Hillsong Worship; Because You Say So – Emmanuel Live

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