We can have as much of God as we want.

Since that’s true, we must grapple with how we’ll respond to all God has made available to us. So let me ask you a question: Which of God’s promises are you currently hanging on to? What are you believing God for?

It’s easy and even natural to settle into a reactionary life; one that keeps our feet on the ground and our eyes on the things we can actually see in front of us. But scripture tell us to fix our eyes on what we cannot see, to live with eternity in mind. We’re charged to remember that it’s actually impossible to please God without engaging our faith.

Think about this: what we posses of Him here deeply impacts how our lives play out in eternity. One day we’ll have to answer to Jesus for every opportunity, every gift, and every promise He’s offered us. How will we respond? Will our life’s work go up in smoke? Or will it echo into eternity?

Do we call ourselves believers only because we trusted Christ for our salvation? Or do we actually believe that Jesus wants to hear from us? Do we believe with our whole hearts that His promises are true for us? Do we believe that our ongoing conversations with God actually impact His influence in and through us? And are we willing to stake our lifestyles on the fact that whether or not we pray matters in the whole scheme of things?

Andrew Murray once asked,

“Who could predict what blessing might come through those who agree to prove God’s promises?” 

What if we just trusted that what Jesus said is true? What if we shifted the weight of our worries, our hopes, our dreams, and our burdens all onto Him, the One who keeps His promises? What if we walked through life with a contagious joy, a lighter burden, and a fiercer faith? What if our ongoing dialogue with the Almighty reflected a heart that fully trusts God’s movement and mercy in our lives?

May it be said of us that we live like God’s promises are true because we know in the depths of our souls that they really, truly are.

Adapted from Susie’s book, .

Featured Songs: Through All of It – Colton Dixon; Trust in You – Lauren Daigle; Impossible Things – Chris

What does faith look like for you?

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