There is so much I choose to be negative about.  When I’m under pressure and feeling stressed, my thoughts tend to drift to the worst case scenarios and all kinds of what ifs.  But then I met, Ginny Owens.  She is the voice behind a few songs we play.  She declares her faith in Christ and encourages others even amidst her own challenges–one of which is losing her sight at a young age.  It helped to bring the folly of my negative thinking into focus.  It’s amazing how God uses these moments to grab one’s attention.

The next time you are losing your perspective, consider what Ginny said on the show about trials.

I would encourage them to continue to cry out to God.  (The book of) James says we can consider our trials joy.  Which seems almost unbearable to think of.  But the testing of our faith develops hope and it ultimately brings us closer to Christ. Christ made the ultimate sacrifice for us.  He has conquered all of these things.  Not only eternity but also all of these things we face.  He has gone before us, and He has conquered those things before us.  So continue to cry out to him.

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