Your kids may not know what they want to do with their life, but maybe you can help them get started on the right path at today’s Mall of America Toddler Tuesday:

Minnesota Children’s Museum presents FutureVet. Come meet a veterinarian and a friendly therapy dog “patient” from 10 a.m. to Noon. You will learn about choosing and caring for pets at home and discover how veterinarians care for pets in their work. Make sure you stick around to partake in the mini-graduation that will include a goodie bag, diploma, and stethoscope for each child. Sessions will be held at 10 + 11 a.m. Learn more here.

After the event, your kids can ride and play for cheap at Nick Universe, too:

Five hour toddler wristband for $11.95 + tax
Tuesdays only

Toddler wristband valid for unlimited rides on the following: El Circulo del Cielo, Log Chute, Crazy Cars, Carousel, Ghost Blasters, Back at the Barnyard Hayride, Backyardigans Swing-Along, Blue’s Skidoo, Bubble Guppies Guppy Bubbler, Diego’s Rescue Rider, La Aventura de Azul, Big Rigs, Pineapple Poppers, Rugrats Reptarmobiles, Swiper’s Sweeper, Wonder Pets Flyboat.

Wristband valid only for rides listed above and can only be used on day of purchase.

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