So you’re all dressed up and ready for that job interview.  You’ve done your homework, researching both the company and the hiring manager you’re about to meet. You’re prepared with intelligent questions and great examples of past accomplishments that prove you’d be a great fit for this position.

You may think all systems are go, but there’s still a lot that can go wrong, according to career development expert Vicky Oliver, author of . In fact, she says research shows that most interviews go south because of social blunders, not poor qualifications.

Vicky sites 7 common interview mistakes and we want to make sure you don’t make them! Here’s a good one: Never arrive late, even with a good excuse.

Yes, there may have been an accident that caused a traffic tie-up, but it might not matter. “Walking in late, even when you have a legitimate excuse, will test your interviewer’s patience,” Oliver warns. As a practical matter, this means you should plan to be at least a half hour early, and then wait in a nearby cafe, park, or even your car until you can show up five minutes before the appointed time.

“Even worse is showing up late and unprepared,” she adds. Your only hope is to wow the interviewer with your relevant observations and insightful questions. If you can’t do that, you likely won’t get the job.

You can read the entire article here (and best wishes on that interview)!


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