When you only have a few months to enjoy all the wonders that summer in Minnesota has to offer, you might try to squeeze every moment out of it with your kids.  That can lead to over scheduling and unnecessary stress in your life.  The opposite isn’t good either, as you don’t want to just sit around the house all day.  How can you find the perfect balance for your family?

Focus on the Family has a simple acronym to help you out, it’s as simple as P-E-A !

PAUSE – At least once a day, find a moment where everyone in the family can connect. That could be over dinner or reading a book at bedtime or even taking a walk through the neighborhood.

That’s a good time to actually discuss your summer activities and to talk about what everyone in the family would like to do. Ask your kids what would make the summer fun for them.

ESCAPE (weekly) –  Families often put a lot of effort into scheduling long-term plans for the summer, but it’s helpful to think of smaller ideas you can do together each week as well.

Make it something simple. Maybe your family would enjoy a trip to the local pool or a city park. Go for ice cream, bowling, putt-putt golfing, the movies, or a hike. It’s something you can do together to have fun, to laugh, and to enjoy each other.

ADVENTURE – This is the big event you plan for your summer vacation, like a family camping excursion or that special trip you’ve been saving for. Maybe it’s a mission trip. Or if money is an issue, think of something local like volunteering at a shelter, a local church, or a community organization.

If you’ve made the pause, and are ready for escapes and adventures in the Twin Cities with your family, check out the KTIS Family Playlist!

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