When I toured Israel last spring, there were plenty of amazing stops along the way, but my favorite was the Sea of Galilee. There were men fishing and actually pulling fish in with their nets in old wooden boats, and I imagined it must have been just as it was in Jesus’ day.  You could feel His presence.  I was fascinated to hear about Ginny Owen’s Ginny Owens‘ memories of Israel as she recently took a tour of the Holy Land.  She said,

The Sea of Galilee was a tremendously impacting place.  I don’t know if it was just the quiet.  We took a boat into the middle of the sea then they turned the engines off and we sang some songs and just had a little worship time together.  There was just something about being there something about knowing that the body of water had not changed since the days that Jesus would have been out in it with His disciples.  It was pretty amazing.

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