98.5 KTIS artist Meredith Andrews stopped by to share a special prayer for Moms.

Hope this encourages you today!  Feel free to pass along to any moms that you might know.  

Lord, right now I come to you, and I thank you for every mother that is listening. Every mother that is doing her best to raise her children to fear You and know You and love You with all of their hearts. And Lord, as a mom, I know that some days are really hard. Some days it feels like the discipline is endless, and the dishes, and the laundry, and the cooking, and whatever else. It’s just too much.

But God I thank You that in the days where we feel like we are not enough, we can rest in the fact that You are enough. In the good and in the bad help us to be faithful to You and to raise our kids to love You with all their hearts.

Meredith Andrews Prays for Mothers

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