Battles are won in worship and that’s the place where we go to war. Worship can fill your every day.

Worship leader Darlene Zschech has spent some time exploring the power and act of worship. She’s the author of many well-known worship songs, including .

Darlene points out that music is a part of worship. In the Psalms alone we’re told 40 times to sing songs, new songs, unto the Lord.

“I believe the reason music was given was to communicate the glory of God.”

However, worship doesn’t stop there.

Worship is a sensory experience.

 “It grabs your auditory senses, your physical senses, like nothing else can, and it pulls everything into alignment when you are bringing a song.”

Worship is an act of faith. Without faith, it is impossible to please God. Worship involves our “heart strings.”

Worship is a lifestyle.

“Worship is not an event. It is not a Sunday morning ritual. A worshipful life is “a Christ-centered, Romans 12, everything-I-do poured out as a spiritual act of worship” life.  Which means in your walking, talking, living…You are constantly aware that Jesus is the center of all things for you.”

You can break down the word worship into “worth-ship.” What are you choosing to focus your time and energy on? Who are you magnifying as you go about your day?

Darlene challenges us to ask this question: What about your life today is worth-ship to Christ?

“Living with Jesus at the center of everything literally changes everything. It will change your thoughts. Your speech. Your actions. Your intentions. Your agenda. The way you communicate love. The way you spend your money. The way you are as an employee or an employer. Everything will be impacted from a worshipful life.”

Darlene learned a challenging truth about worship in recent years – worship is a choice. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent rigorous treatments. Through the sickness, loss of her hair, and valley of the shadow, she learned to lean on God. We can worship Him regardless of our circumstance, because worship is ultimately a weapon against sorrow and Satan.

Darlene tells her story in her book, Worship Changes Everything.

Key Scriptures: John 7:37; Romans 12:1-2

Highlight : Worship as a lifestyle

Choosing to honor and glorify God

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