We are so hard on ourselves as women and now another study proves it along with some great ways to “accentuate the positive!” This article at womansday.com says in part:

“We wouldn’t say it about a friend, so why do we think it about ourselves?

Weight Watchers recently surveyed 2,000 women  and found that the average woman criticizes herself at least eight times a day. Anxieties over weight, appearance, finances, and career are among the top insecurities.

Not only do we put ourselves down, we’re unlikely to truly accept compliments. The survey revealed that many women have a habit of “deliberately deflecting compliments,” and 89 percent gave compliments to other women that they wouldn’t believe about themselves.”

See the great ideas to turn that negative self talk into something good and positive in the link above.

I decided to take this to heart at church on Sunday. When I walked in a friend came up with a hug and said “Hello Beautiful!” My first inclination was to say, “Oh I don’t have my make-up on or my hair looks weird..” but instead I hugged her back and said “You’re beautiful too!”

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