He’s a good, good Father! Baby Leland feels The Father and His love through his mom’s beautiful singing at mealtime and is moved to sweet tears. Powerfully precious! Leland and his mommy Lauren live in Tennesee and listen to KTIS online.

Mom Lauren talked with us on the KTIS Morning Show

3 Responses to "Baby is overwhelmed as mom sings Chris Tomlin worship song to him"

  • Cathy Tellefsen says:

    Lauren, I just wanted to thank you for posting this video on January 8th. You will never know what a blessing this was to me. It was 17 years ago on January 8, that our precious 9 month old baby girl, Sarah, went to be with Jesus, after a 4 month battle with leukemia.
    Through that experience, I came to believe that babies seem to have the Presence of God more clearly etched on their hearts (perhaps because they have so recently been formed by His hands). You can see the sweetness of Him reflected in their eyes…not yet tainted by the world. No wonder Jesus tells us to come to Him like little children! It is so evident in your little boy’s big baby blues!
    Thank you for sharing this. I just wanted you to know that God used this special moment that you shared to bless my mama heart more than you know!
    Grace and Peace,
    Cathy Tellefsen

    1. Diane Geiger says:

      I agree with you Cathy and hugs to you on your loss. I saw the same in my 5 Year old daughter Tami as she battled Leukemia and lost at age 7. You could just tell she had the presence of God with her in her actions and things she said. They are precious in HIS sight !

  • Steven Crombie says:

    This is incredibly moving to watch this little guy. Thank you so much for posting this and more importantly for freely loving Jesus in front of your child. I’m a father of five grown children (all who love the Lord) and seven grandchildren and this is the sweetest thing to watch the Lord touch this little one. Thank you.

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