Have you ever had to step back from what you were doing to find some rest? Have you ever wondered if it was right because you looked at someone else who kept going?

The other day, my wife and I had the chance to sit down with some missionary friends who were back in the states for bit. Eventually the conversation turned to our involvement in our church and the numerous things we were a part of.  And I shared with our friends how we’ve begun the process of stepping back because we’ve come to realize we were just doing too much and needed find some balance in our life.  My friend looked at me, smiled, and said, “Now imagine how your pastor feels.” He was right on, and his statement helped me adjust my perspective to one of empathy for others in ministry.  

It would’ve been easy for me to look at his statement and think, “I should be doing more. If my pastor is doing it, why not me?”

Easy. Because I’m not my pastor.

God has gifted each of us differently with different gifts and the ability to handle different things. Those who are called in Pastoral ministry go in knowing what it will take, and God has gifted them to handle it. But you and I have different gifts, different jobs, and different families. For you to compare yourself to anyone else wouldn’t be fair.  Your abilities and gifts aren’t anyone else’s standards.

So if you’ve reached that point where you’ve taken on as much as you can, or perhaps too much and need to step back, that’s ok.  Find the balance you need for your life between doing and resting. Don’t look at what someone else is doing and use that as an excuse to stretch yourself thin. Who knows? Maybe God is calling you to set an example for others that they don’t have to compare themselves either.

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