Jesus came to free us from chains. What does that look like?

Pastor Robert Morris of Gateway Church  shares his views on freedom as described in Scripture: “We’re truly free from the penalty of sin. But are we truly free from the power of sin? We still live in a fallen world.” Robert points out that we are saved from hell through Christ’s death, but we will spend the rest of our lives tackling the effects and presence of sin.

In Robert’s book, , he explores several compelling aspects of spiritual oppression and emotional freedom.

  • The Greek term translated “possession” can also be translated “to be in control of.” Robert points out that we won’t lose our salvation by sinning, but certain habits and practices can leave us in a vulnerable state.
  • All bondage begins with a lie.
  • There is a difference between general sin and ongoing, unrepentant sin as seen in John 8.
  • There are several warnings signs that a person’s life might contain spiritual oppression:
    • Continued iniquity
    • Continued illness
    • Continued influence

Robert outlines how to be delivered when we’ve fallen into sin and deception.

  1. Repentance
  2. A prayer of deliverance
  3. Allowing the Holy Spirit to fill you anew
  4. Fill your mind with Scripture

Pastor Robert has a final word about the power of forgiveness in guarding our hearts. “Satan is a tormentor. You will be turned over to this torment if you don’t forgive. You’ve been forgiven for everything you’ve ever done in your entire life. [Unforgiveness] is one of the number one snares people fall into – it’s an open door to the enemy.”

Key Scriptures: John 8:36; Ephesians 6:10-14; Luke 13:10-14

Highlight : Possessed or oppressed?

Living in true freedom

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