The Rev. Dr. Billy Graham is 97 today. Decade after decade he’s lived & delivered the simple but vital & life changing truth of Jesus. His only goal has been to bring this salvation message to people across the globe. Though I’ve never met you Mr. Graham, you’ve always been a part of my life. Thank for affirming that Jesus loves all, and that through Him, no one has to perish to Hell. Jesus’ message to us all is asking Him into your heart, asking Him to forgive you of your sins and surrendering your life to Him securing your Heavenly home, preventing you from landing in Hell for an eternity. This is truth, and all of our days are numbered. Don’t gamble with your life. Heaven is a real place & so is Hell. The world is challenging this truth, and many are being persecuted & giving their lives for standing for Jesus. The world is changing rapidly. Even many in our precious nation are turning their backs on the God under which this nation was founded. The truth remains the same, Jesus loves you & God is in control. Thank you again Dr. Graham for planting the seed of truth to millions of people. God has used you in a powerful way, and I give Him the glory for the amazing life you’ve lived. That being said, I will always follow Jesus and stand for Him no matter what. I can do no less for Him. I am unashamed of the gospel of Christ. Happy Birthday Dr. Graham. I love you.

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