Can we be confident that what we believe about Christianity is 100% true? How do we process our doubts and questions in an increasingly skeptical world?

Pastor Michael Hidalgo shares how we can work through our doubts and questions, and find renewed hope in the God who never changes. It’s a timely discussion on navigating belief in today’s shifting culture, as we talk  .

Many of us are afraid to admit any doubts we might have about our faith. Pastor Michael says that when we are honest about our doubts, then we can grapple with deeper things. This isn’t a bad or wrong process; it is part of growing and moving forward as Christians. As we draw closer to God and our relationship with Him deepens, there is an increased comfort in being open and honest with Him about what we’re really thinking. We know we can trust Him with what’s on our hearts.

Believing intellectually in something can be different than boldly living it day to day. Do we believe in Jesus enough to actually live out the things that we say we believe? The greatest testimony we can give is a life that’s lived well.

We take a closer look at the much maligned story of the Bible’s “Doubting Thomas”. Pastor Michael believes that if we are willing, like Thomas, we too can have an encounter with Jesus like he did.

Pastor Michael shares about his own journey through doubt. He shares the importance of finding individuals who would simply listen to him without immediate judgements on the things with which he was grappling.

We look at the life of Jesus, asking how our conversations about truth would be altered if we could see people as He did. Jesus was able to break issues down to the person they impacted. Pastor Michael believes that, if we don’t have the love for people that Jesus illustrated, than we don’t really have anything.

Highlight: Surrender

Changing world, unchanging God

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