We’re all prone to wander, but God always welcomes us home. Pastor Jon Ferguson returns to talk about how to find our way back to God.

Turning back to God is not about:

  • Getting your act together or getting more religious. Jon calls this the common thought in culture – if we say the right prayer or attend a certain number of worship services we’re good enough to come back to God.
  • Getting everything theologically figured out.
  • Eliminating your doubts.
  • Cutting a deal with God or finding a way for Him to accept you so He’ll let you into heaven when you die.

Jon highlights the five “awakenings” we go through in finding our way back to God, whether it’s after a long season of rebellion or a momentary lapse in judgment.

  1. Awakening to longing.
  2. Awakening to regret.
  3. Awakening to help. “It’s when we recognize our need for help that we make that turn! We admit that we’re powerless on our own to find fulfillment in life. Help has a name and His name is Jesus.”
  4. Awakening to love.
  5. Awakening to life. “There are two words for ‘life’ in the New Testament – one for our days, one for the abundant life. Our awakening to life is a different kind of quality of life that comes from knowing God and relating to Him. We can celebrate each day with our heavenly Father.”

Jon’s book, coauthored with his brother Dave, is .

Key Scriptures: James 4:8

Highlight : Finding your way back to God is not…

5 awakenings to your new life in Christ

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