“It’s one thing to wake up and realize you’ve been asleep. But it’s another to wake up and actually start living.”

What does it mean to live a life that is fully passionate for Christ? Matt Heard issues a challenge for us to embrace the Christ-filled life, urging us to break down the spiritual-secular divide in life. The good news of Christ brings abundant life to every area of our day:

“In the midst of belly laughter and cliff jumping, am I enjoying intimacy with God? The gospel should not just change my schedule on a Sunday morning but the way I do dishes, mow the lawn, applaud at a concert.”

Matt discusses:

• Abundant life in the midst of our circumstances instead of flowing out of them.

• How pain can drive us to Christ.

• Why “superficial engagement with our longings leads to a superficial engagement with the gospel.”

• The tree of life and it’s connection to the New Jerusalem.

• The story of a small Norwegian enclave and how a woman named Babette illustrates the abundant life.

Matt reminds us that the abundant life is not found in our possessions but in the God who gives them.

“God gives and takes – whether He gives or takes away, He is my portion. If He leaves this with me, I can enjoy it more than someone who doesn’t know Jesus. I’m not trying to extract from this thing what only God can give me. These are gifts that God has given us to enjoy, not to worship, not to clutch onto, but to enjoy and steward and give away to those around us.”

Matt’s book is  .

Highlight : The “sacred-secular” divide?

The fully-awake Christian life


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