We can change our lives in thirty minutes. Pastor Tommy Barnett has insight into what happens when we turn our schedule over to God. Tommy’s book is .

Tommy shares the basic principle of the book:

“People have great dreams and great aspirations that they want to accomplish for God. The biggest enemy is called time. We get caught up in the noise.. I’ve found people can reach their dreams if they use the wasted time! You can do amazing things with a waste of time. We all have the same amount of time during the day. This book was written in half-hour sessions at the airport, waiting for the doctor… you can always do something with your time.”

He compares our time to precious jewels in a coffer. “What we do with it is up to us.”

What can we do, practically, to use our time for God?

• Guard your media intake.

• Start each morning with God, and guard that tine fiercely.

• Say no to time-wasters in all forms.

• Don’t allow your mind to wander and entertain thoughts that will open doors of pride, lust, envy, or gossip.

• Learn to say no to good things to make room for better things – don’t seek to empty your schedule, but to manage it.

“I roll out of bed and roll onto my knees and say ‘Good morning Lord. I give this day to You. Holy Spirit, I yield myself to You. Help me to be sensitive to You.’ That’s when God speaks to me – not when I’m praying, but when I’m still. I think the greatest way to keep your life adjusted is every morning, recalibrate. God has given us this day, thirty minutes at a time. What we do with it is up to us.”

Highlight : Change your life or destroy it

Change your life in 30 minutes

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