Fact: God uses dirt.

What can we learn from those in Scripture who veered off the path and found themselves in the brambles of their own decisions? Liz Curtis Higgs  examines the lives of two women who can teach us what it means to be rebellious and forgiven.


“She is a woman of some means, perhaps even influence. When a man  falls in love with us, we have an incredible power over them. We hold their hearts in our hands. The question is, what are we going to do with it? Delilah turned her man in, and she did it for money.”

Our words have power; when we’re careless with little jabs and comments toward men, they chip away at his strength in dangerous ways. Ask yourself – is this comment helpful or hurtful?


 “She is a prostitute. She’s called a harlot four times in the Bible. So we have to take a breath because we have to remember – she’s in the lineage of Christ. The mother of Boaz. She is a heroine, she’s strong, she’s brave.”

God opened the eyes of a prostitute to see His glory and bring her to repentance.

“We don’t know when it happened in her heart, but we know when she confessed it with her mouth. That’s the moment of redemption.”

Liz identifies herself as an FBG, or Former Bad Girl. Though she’s been redeemed, she comes from a place of brokenness and uses that to reach other women who are walking the same road. That may be one reason God allows brokenness in our lives – so we can reach those men and women who are living that story and show them the One who redeems it.

Highlight : Lessons from Delilah

Redemption stories: Delilah and Rahab

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