10. Enroll your kids in a water safety class.

9. Make sure their bicycles are ready to roll (tires, horn, etc).

8. Update the emergency list of contacts in case you aren’t around and someone needs the information.

7. Help your children brainstorm about ways to earn money this summer.

6. Work with each child to create his or her own, customized “Chore Chart”. Add incentives for completing the tasks each week (e.g., points toward an all-expenses paid visit to the ice cream shop).

5. Ask your children for input as you plan a celebration for the first available day after school is out for the summer. The rules? It must not cost anything, and everyone in the family must be able to participate (that’ll get them thinking).

4. Teach your children how to navigate the library and to appreciate the amazing resources available. Then check your calendar and see when you can make a bimonthly library trip.

3. Schedule a special trip to see Grandpa and Grandma, and show up with personal letters the children have written to these folks in the older generation (Not possible? Visit another favorite relative with a special letter in hand.).

2. With your kids’ assistance, determine a plan to help them reach out and serve others without expecting anything in return.

1. Mom and Dad: Purpose to fill the summer months with memories – not of exotic vacations or extravagant shopping sprees, but of connecting as a family.

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