What would a year of intentional devotion to Christ look like from day to day? Mike Yankoski took up the challenge and using practices from early church fathers and diligent study of the scriptures went about transforming his life and his walk of faith. He’s recounted his journey in the book The Sacred Year.

Michael’s experience intentionally living as a homeless man with his friend Sam lead him to write the book Under the Overpass. Shortly afterwards, he began traveling around the globe to speak about his journey and the book, but began to recognize a façade that surrounded him.  He started to notice that it was more about ‘putting on a show’ and started longing for something more.

“It was the gap between talking the talk and not walking the walk”

It all started when Michael set sail on a one year devotion to action and discovering what it truly means to be a follower of Christ while applying spiritual disciplines to his daily life.

Have you ever spent an hour focusing in on the apple you are eating? Or spent 2-5 minutes after everything you do and reflect upon it? That is exactly what Michael is encouraging all of us to do, to start listening to our own lives. He reminds us of an important truth;

“We are invited into a reality of God around us each day”

By digging deep into spiritual practices, both modern and ancient, Yankoski was able to have an understanding of important principles of partnering with God and increasing his faith in profound ways.

How can you start this journey? By getting engaged and dive in! As Christians, we are called into action and response. In order to resemble Christ and truly walk in love, we need to start living in the reality of really loving our neighbors as ourselves. –Mark 12:31. By focusing in on our attentiveness, simplicity and gratitude, we can completely reshape our spiritual formation and experience the closeness with God that will change the course of our entire lives.

Find more helpful information about The Sacred Year by visiting: www.TheSacredYear.com

The year that changed his life

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