President of the International Mission Board, David Platt speaks to what it takes to see God’s glory on a worldwide scale through global missions. David Platt is a former pastor and best-selling author of the book which calls Christians to commit to following Christ in every aspect of life.

Platt recounts his transition from pastor of a local church to president of one of the largest international mission organizations in the world. He also talks about the chilling details of the experience he had, hiking in the Himalaya’s, that God used to open his heart to global missions.

“I have an ambition to see Christ preached where he’s not been named and I’ve got a short life with limited resources and I want to use as much as possible to get the gospel to people who have never heard it.“

While the passion for missions in the Christian culture might not be as strong as it once was, the opportunities are plentiful for Christians to get involved.

 “Opportunities to go around the world and preach the gospel are more available than ever before. God has divinely orchestrated a global marketplace where there are scores of opportunities for Christians to go and make disciples of all nations.”

Platt’s desire is for the gospel of Jesus Christ to be heard all across the world and Platt believes every Christian should desire this as well.

“It should not be tolerable that there are this many people in the world who have never even heard the gospel.”

How can churches get involved?

Missions agencies should team up with local churches to facilitate effective missions.

•  Preach the word and see the word in the context of missions. Spreading the gospel is the purpose for which we’ve been created. There is no separation of the gospel message and missions.

 “From Genesis to revelation, every portion of God’s word is under the umbrella of God’s passion for His glory among all the people of the world.”

•  Pray for those participating in missions and ask God for a willing heart to enter into missions.

“We can be a part of what God’s doing in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia from our knees.”

•  Think about giving of your time or finances to a missions organization to support those who have dedicated their lives to glorifying God’s name on a global scale.

•  Prayerfully consider participating in short-term or long-term missions.

Be a part of the advancement of the Kingdom of God here on earth. It is what you were created to do!

God’s glory through global missions

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