Sometimes we want more in our faith – a deeper connection with God. In seeking that, we can wander into habits and practices that lead us away from Him instead. Pastor Jon Ferguson speaks into true intimacy with God — and how to come back home.

“It happens over and over again. The meta-narrative in our lives is one of questioning God or pursuing longings that lead us away from God.”

Jon opens the book with this powerful statement – God wants to be found. He wants a relationship with sinners and sent His Son in order to accomplish that. He uses the illustration of the prodigal son to unpack the process of coming back.

“It was shocking to Jesus’ listeners that the father was actually waiting for his son to come home. The truth is God desperately wants to have a relationship with you.”

Jon urges us to walk in humility and understanding with others. “We’re all prodigals; we’re all on a journey. We’re all finding our way back to God.” Jon says the journey starts when we start remembering who we are. “We forget because we’re busy. We forget because we’re distracted.”

How do we come home? Jon says it starts with awakenings – five of them.

1. Awakening to longing – there’s got to be more.
2. Awakening to regret – I wish I could start over.
3. Awakening to help – I can’t do this on my own.
4. Awakening to love – God loves me deeply after all.
5. Awakening to life – Now this is living!

God calls us to come. Jon paraphrases the invitation of Scripture.

“Come as you are. I’ll help you come back over and over again. But get on this journey, and you’ll find that I Am.”

Highlight : Coming back to God is not…

Coming back to God

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