Are you afraid to ask for big things in prayer?  Adam Stadtmiller shares how God responds when we ask for things that only He can deliver.

“More than a dozen times in the New Testament, the idea of ‘Pray for whatever you want in My name and I’ll do it’ is mentioned. I was intrigued when God started answering [my] radical prayers. I felt like God said, ‘Your prayers aren’t big enough. Pray bigger.’ It’s meeting Jesus in His audacity.”

Adam says that praying is not:

• Manipulating God

• A checklist

• Purely a duty

Adam shares some tips for praying:

• Pray big. Pray bold. “He’ll let you know if you’re praying in the wrong direction – but too often we’re editing ourselves out of the grandeur of God’s responses.”

• Know that you’re coming to your heavenly Father. Adam points again to the Father’s heart that Jesus describes – He delights in giving us good things, and if we don’t get what we’re praying for, we will receive something better.

• Remember that our hope is in the God of heaven and not in what He gives us.

• All answered prayers are grace.

• Know that there are no experts in prayer. “The key isn’t knowing what to pray for, but going before God as a child. It’s not expertise, but experience.”

“Open up the fire hose of prayer. Pray bigger, and believe. I’m gonna pray, and God can edit and distribute my prayers – I’m going to create my prayers, and if I have a selfish motive, I know He’s loving enough to let me know and show me.”

Adam’s book is .

Highlight : Jesus’ audacious invitation to prayer

Have you asked God for an elephant?

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