Ask most Christians about God’s will for their lives, and you see a mixture of fear and challenge cross their face.

There’s a simple three-step process to making a decision – think about A-B-C’s:

• Abandon your own life – let go of your desire for fame, comfort, or security.

• Believe God’s promises are trustworthy – believe that God would have an open door for me.

“I have to come to believe that God does not just exist but that He exists and cares for me.”

• Commit – we need to commit to live and serve in a way that’s going to be scary for me.

Pastor John Ortberg points out that fear doesn’t mean God is not calling you to something. It may just mean you’re getting in your own way. “Fear is the number one most common response. Moses doesn’t want to talk to Pharaoh; Daniel doesn’t want to go into the lions’ den. Esther doesn’t want to face Hamin. What [God] says is, ‘I’ll be with you.’ Peace generally lies on the other side of obedience.”

What are the characteristics of an open-door person?

• They are ready, ready or not

• They are unhindered by uncertainty

• They tend to have fewer regrets

• They are not paralyzed by their imperfections

Pastor John cautions us when we reach a crossroads in life and don’t feel led in one direction or the other. “Because God is in the character-forming business, His will for me is going to be [to make the decision]. God knew I would grow more if I actually had to study the options and go through the process than if I got a postcard from heaven telling me what to do. It doesn’t mean that you’re not spiritual or that God has let you down.”

Highlight : The ABC’s of finding God’s will

How to find the will of God

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