The prayer that gives hope to so many has been put to music by an illustrious group of Twin Cities musicians and it all came from the ashes of a fire in Chaska in 2013. Lori Morris Werch is a graduate student of the University of Northwestern St. Paul and contacted us with her story. Here is part of what she shares on the project’s website: :

“Sometimes loss can turn into love, and this is what occurred with our family.   In June of 2013 our family’s home burned to the ground.   Through our faith, the support of family, friends, neighbors, and our community we have been able to rebuild and regroup.  Upon this experience, instead of replacing all that we had before, I decided to try to make a life long dream come true.  I contacted an artist that I had listened to for years and boldly asked if he might consider meeting with me and hearing my ambitions.  He said yes.  I explained to him that my desire, for a very long time, was to take the brilliant words of Reinhold Niebuhr and turn them into a melody where all could hear.”

That artist is Billy McLaughlin, who with the help of arranger and co-producer Nate Sabin, vocalist and musician Paul Peterson and others put the words of Reinhold Neibuhr’s “Serenity Prayer” to music in hopes of touching the lives of even more with the prolific prayer’s powerful words of hope and surrender.

Again the website is to see how this Spirit lead project came to life.

Listen to the KTIS Interview wth Lori Morris Werch

You can watch the inspiring video below!

14 Responses to "Serenity Prayer project rises from the ashes"

  • Rona Mandel says:

    Please consider playing this song on your amazing station for all to hear and feel. This prayer has provided comfort in many times of darkness and need, as well as times of radiant light and celebration. Merging the words with song was brilliant! Thank you Lori Morris Werch for this blessing!

    1. Byron Hood says:

      This is an awesome song. Thus prayer has helped many times over the years. Please check out the ‘Serenity Prayer Long Form’

  • Hannah Day says:

    I would love to hear this song played on KTIS 🙂

  • Paul Rosol says:

    Please post the interview that you just played on the Radio – 2/5/15 – 9:35! Very moving.

  • Amber Athey says:

    Beautiful and Inspiring! Thanks!

  • M E Spainhower says:

    Please, please, please play this again! This Serenity Prayer is so powerful to so many! Love, love, love it!

  • I would love to hear this song on the station. Please play this as so many people need to hear this.

  • Troy Wolfe says:

    As a fairly new fan to KTIS this song means so much to myself and many of my friends, we would love to hear it regularly on KTIS!!

  • Lynn Watson says:

    This prayer is very powerful and a life lesson all in one! Please play it on the air for all to hear and live life to the fullest! Love, love your station!

  • Lynda Williams says:

    Sadly missed this due to teaching all day, couldn’t access during classes ;(
    Is it possible to post on your site as a Podcast or re-play the program at a different time, preferably evenings or a weekend?
    Thank you.
    …and yes, all radio stations ( christian or otherwise) should know of this special project, and play it for their listeners. I have known of the SerenityPrayerProject for some time and posted it on FB, Twitter, and shared it with my local friends and pastors. We all really need to be uplifted and encouraged, Serenity Prayer surely soothes the soul 😉
    Thank you to Lori Morris Werch, Billy McLaughlin, and all of the crew for this!

  • Pam Lundell says:

    Hi everyone!! Glad you love the song. I’ve posted the audio interview that we aired Thursday, February 5th. See above!

    1. Lori Werch says:

      Thank you Pam. God’s continued blessings to you & the entire staff of KTIS. We are deeply grateful for your time and the ministry of your station as it reaches, inspires, and connects God’s people through so many avenues of mercy & support. “Therefore let us be grateful for receiving a Kingdom that cannot be shaken, and thus let us offer to God acceptable worship, with reverence and awe.” (Hebrews 12:28) In Christ, The Serenity Prayer Project.

  • Love the station…Blessings to all..

  • judy svenddal says:

    This is beautiful. I hope we hear the song often. Thank you for all that you do, KTIS.

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