My friend once said to me, “Just imagine what it feels like.” I couldn’t get my heart wrapped around it. It was so big, his idea of living free.

It’s one thing to know God’s freedom based on the truth of His Word, it’s completely liberating to live free.

Imagine how your heart would feel to step outside yourself and see yourself as God sees you.

Many of you are listing the changes or results of last year but for me it’s taking me a while. I can’t summarize all the changes that happened to me last year in a single post. I can tell you though my life feels like I’ve taken a 180 turn in the absolute God direction.

But first I had to imagine what it would feel like….this freedom, before I could live free.

Imagine having assurance you are always doing right.
Imagine having a peace that passes your understanding.
Imagine having joy that has you smiling as your head hits the pillow.
Imagine the freedom from guilt and shame.
Imagine that kind of free lifestyle.

That’s what living in God’s truth brings…is THAT kind of living free.

Imagine saying “no” to the tyranny of the urgent. Imagine saying “yes” to “Follow Me”.

Imagine the victorious feeling of accomplishment or the arm pumps at taking on a challenge and succeeding.

Imagine the chains that are binding you right now.

Imagine the freeing feeling that you are in control of your health and emotional wellness. Imagine that you are honoring God with every part of you. Oh the places you could go if you were a little more free.

Imagine if you didn’t have to run to food for comfort or have to complain constantly. Imagine the changes that it would take to make your world a better place to live in.

You can stop dreaming about this kind of life. It’s available for us all. First you might have to let go of things that will never be, and stop trying to change others.

Perhaps you need to be the change you want to see in others.

Imagine the pleasant conversations you might have when you aren’t keeping a record of wrongs or using your words as stones against others. Imagine the relationships where you don’t have to prove yourself right first to be heard. Imagine how encouraging you could be as you speak life instead of gloom and doom.

Imagine the possibilities if you loved people right where they are first and then showed them Jesus. Imagine…those possibilities.

Imagine never questioning your decisions and always having clarity about what your next step would be.

Imagine loving and seeing yourself as only God sees you. You are pre-approved, loved and valued. You are….now imagine Jesus dying for you to know that truth today.

All of this freedom is within your grasp. Imagine…living free as you have been freed. Step outside yourself to find out what God has for you today.

What change can you be that you want to see in others?

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