Many of you participate in the “word for a year” idea.   Last year’s “word” for me was “freedom”.   There are different levels of meaning to whatever you put before God.

I had no idea what kind of freedom God would show me. But first He had to take me to India.

I still ponder on the many things that God showed me from the loving people I met there. But what I came back with is that God will go to any extent that He needs to you show your own poverty from the lens of someone else’s.

Every time I step out my own “comfort” zone and ask God to show me what I need to learn, well, that is a prayer He will answer in the most creative ways.

God showed me true hope in the Dominican Republic.
God showed me true compassion in Africa.
God showed me true desperation in India.
God shows me truths when I search for true Truth.

So back to freedom. I had to learn God’s freedom first to prepare me for what He had for this year. What can freedom in Christ offer you? The truth. Plain and simple truth.

John 8: 31-32 “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”

Many of you don’t know that you need freedom, but to gain a fresh perspective on truth God will go to His measures to show you. In fact, He already has shown us truth that comes through the life and testimony of Jesus.

Freedom can bring back the fear of God to your life, and you are free to not care what people think. I don’t have to cower behind the fear of your opinion anymore. Fear is of the enemy and holds us back. Fear comes at us in many forms. Fear kills the good work that Jesus’ truth has already taught us.

So when you discover freedom in fearing God over man, you are not bound to the opinion of others. In this freedom, comes liberation of many lies I have swallowed about others and myself.

Freedom brings the ability to reject the lies of the world because I am clinging to God’s truth.

Freedom also opens the door to a deeper trust in God. It enables me to stay the course to my true calling. That is to be His voice of truth in my personal life and to my family. And to encourage those He brings in my path. So in this freedom, I know that whatever He calls me to do, in every season, He has already equipped me to do what He is asking me to do.

When you pray for God to move in your life, whatever it takes to accomplish His will, He will answer that prayer because He can see your heart of desperation to respond to His call in a way that will glorify Him alone. Yes, He asks us to do hard things, but He knows that it will take more of Him to accomplish it? Yeah, He’s “all in” on that answer.

Freedom unbinds my thinking that I have to rely on me to accomplish what God wants. I can rely on His Truth that is much more reliable, Jesus. He is my Overcomer, so as I am becoming more grace-filled, I rely on His grace to accomplish what is before me.

Freedom is liberating.

I can’t sum up all the freedom that God showed me from last year in this post, but I can say it this way: God is working in new areas of freedom to accomplish the good works that He has provided ahead for me.

And to know that freedom is preparing, exciting, and enticing. I want all the truth-based freedom I can get. God is always sovereignly directing, re-directing, protecting, prioritizing, and pruning me. He is deepening my simple trust and drawing me near.

He is my Freedom. I know that brings Peace and assurance and perfect order in a holy confident way.

Maybe you need order in your life. Ask the One who can bring order to your peace by asking Him what you need to learn in this year. You will be blown away by what He shows you. Take my word for it. Freedom will pave the way.

One thing I know is this: “So if the Son makes you free, you are free indeed. John 8:36″

What do you need freedom from this year?

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