Casting Crowns is an incredible group that really believes in Ministry. Enough that they only perform on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and make sure that they can serve at their local church on Sunday. Also, as I was posting the powerful lyric video to their latest song called Broken Together, I found something incredible in the youtube comments of the lengths they went to honor our troops serving overseas:

I was deployed to the Persian Gulf region in 2010. Casting Crowns came at their own expense to play for us after a European tour. Usually the USO will sponsor all sorts of entertainers and help get them overseas to us. But the USO would not touch them, b/c they’re a Christian group.

So they came at their own expense, renting concert sound and lighting equipment in country, traveling on their own commercially, just for us. They spent out of pocket around $200,000 just to perform a concert for us and one other place.

Even after all that, they wanted to sell CDs after the concert. Military would not allow it. So they just gave them away to all the soldiers, airmen and sailors that came. In addition to that, they stayed behind and signed everyone of those CDs for all the troops.

This group is the genuine article of what a Christian musical group is supposed to be both out front on stage and behind the scenes. I will remember this act of kindness as long as I live. Tom, Chaplain, USAF

Here’s a link to the comment, along with Casting Crowns’ song, Broken Together.

Photo Credit: The National Guard via Compfight cc

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