It started with a late night stop at the gas station for milk…  Until a stranger from the car in front of me said “Hey You!”

Listen to the incredible thing that happened next here:

What happened to Andy at the gas station

Photo Credit: hectore via Compfight cc

2 Responses to "She said “Hey You!” and I couldn’t believe what happened next…"

  • Jeff Marchand says:

    Thanks Andy for sharing this story! The Sanctuary in Shoreview blessed our community last evening with similar incidents at various locations. I’m glad that we were able to help your family’s milk budget! 🙂

  • Heather Pageau says:

    Good things DO happen to good people! While I may not have known who you were or how this would be used for HIS glory… God did! I am still in awe and am grateful to be a part of The Sanctuary in Shoreview and all of the great things they do for our wonderful community!! Thank you for continuing the spread of His blessings from one simple act to people that need to hear it.

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