I think at some point in our lives (probably in the years we were living on our own) that we realized “Mom was right all along”. Personally I know I’ve have the realization more times than I can count in my adult years. Usually it’s through experience I encounter when I think “mom told me that would happen…”, but something happened to me the other day where it wasn’t life experiences that proved mom right, it was science!

You see, during the recent cold wave (we got 5 inches of snow on top of sub-zero temps)  I needed to clear the driveway before heading off to work. So there I was at 4:30am pushing my snowblower with my hair still wet from my shower earlier, jacket hanging wide open (the zipper doesn’t work), no hat (because that would mess up my hair) and gloves that are so worthless they actually make my hands colder than the outside air. And the whole time I’m laughing at moms warning to dress warm or I’ll catch a cold. Everyone knows that’s a silly old wives tale with zero merit…

My “zero merit” smugness was squashed not even an hour later when I arrived at work only to read an article declaring mom to be right all those years about how you can get a cold by being outside in the cold. I’m no doctor, so I won’t get into the specifics, but I found after reading this article about some recent research, that yes it appears that there is a reason we often get sick after being outside in the extreme cold temps.

Here’s the article if you want to read it, explaining some of what the researchers at Yale University found. Moms especially want to read this, — that way the next time your smart-alec son accuses you of believing some silly old wives tale, you can bust out these research results and put him in his place! I know that’s what it did to me…

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