Ours is a world of sobering headlines and serious problems, but do we still need to laugh? And is there a real meaning to be unlocked in the great gift of humor?

For answers (and a proverbial barrel of laughs), it’s time to head back On the Road to the woodlands of northern Minnesota. It’s there we find North America’s “King of Uncool”, comedian Daren Streblow.

Here’s what the funnyman has to say about the significance of finding the humor in life and the path it represents to finding the right perspective.

Humor’s Importance

Daren’s take on the profound nature of comedy leads to digging deeper into where that humor comes from. It’s fascinating as he points to some truly surprising sources for some of the funniest things we hear on stage:

Surprising sources

So what’s the deal with his earning the title “The King of Uncool”? He explains how cool and trendy things mystify him – leaning on the illustrative example of various jewelry items and piercings:

The King of Uncool

This good man grew up in the northern wilds of the Upper Midwest. So how did a childhood in the town of Ely, Minnesota prepare him for his career in comedy? Prepare to travel to the intersection of the lighthearted and the Scandinavian.

The preparation of Ely

We’ve come to expect that most comedians will, at some point, take us down the path of ‘blue’ humor. Daren doesn’t live up to that expectation in his act, and many people ask him why. His answer stems from his Christian faith.

Why not blue humor

In his first foray into mass communication, Daren found himself across from a broadcast legend named Mel Johnson. What happened next was nothing short of magical.

The moral of the story

And now here’s our full conversation with Daren Streblow. We cover much more territory including who he believes to be the funniest person that he knows, his history with Northwestern Radio & more.

Finding meaning in mirth – Part 1

Finding meaning in mirth – Part 2

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