According to Dr. Richard Land, President of Southern Evangelical Seminary, young Americans who are a part of the “millennial generation” are fearful of commitment, and an increasing number of them aren’t getting married.

“It looks like with millennials, unless they suddenly start getting married rapidly in their 30’s, we’ll have fewer than 70% of their generation ever get married” he stated. ” These are children of divorce. The trauma of divorce is not something that the children of divorce get over quickly. They are fearful of commitment. Many of these young adults are the children of illegitimacy as well.”

Land says that the many millennials are “astonishingly unaware” of essential Christian teachings about marriage and family, noting that “frankly, we have not done a good job of discipling them.”

But Land also sees government policy – the very types of policy that many Christians support – as being a part of the problem with the millennials and the decline in marriage.

“Government is replacing the role of a husband in marriages” he stated.

Noting a fictitious character named “Julia” that appeared in several web-based campaign videos for President Obama’s re-election effort back in 2012, Land said that

“Julia went through her whole life receiving government assistance. In the video the government helps Julia earn a college degree, she gets help from the government in obtaining a job, she has a baby and the government helps her raise the baby, and then she retires and the government helps her in her retirement. There’s a reason why 60% of single women vote for the Democratic party. The government has replaced husbands and fathers in that type of public policy.”

Land notes that the current trajectory for the United States is fiscally unsustainable, and says that Christians need to be speaking the truth on the matter, both about marriage as an institution but also about government policy.

“Our social care system is based on the assumption that there are more people producing and contributing to the system than there are people consuming the system’s benefits. But when a society aborts 54 million babies, and we teach a generation that they are to depend on government, you end up with something unsustainable where more people are consuming the government benefits than they are providing the benefits. We need to point out that the entire federal budget mess is generational theft. This will foreclose opportunity for the next generations, and it is mostly because of spending on government entitlement programs.”

You can hear a full discussion with Dr. Land below.

Millenials & marriage

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