I don’t remember the exact moment I read Calvin and Hobbes, I just know that I haven’t stopped loving it since. Bill Watterson was so brilliant in writing such a silly imaginative comic, yet so masterful in capturing the wholeness of a love between two best friends. A friend of mine sent me this article the other day and I’ll be honest, I cried hard while reading it.

I loved the article and I hated it. It made me laugh and it made me cry. It made me happy and it made me angry. Every wave of emotion hit me, because I think we can all relate to some extent. Not only was I crying about the love of two best friends, but about how accurate that was in my life. How many times have you longingly looked back on your childhood, only to wish you could relive those moments one more time? We spend our childhood years wishing we could grow up, yet when we grow up we long for those careless years of our childhood.

The cycle of life makes me sad, I don’t know why. The fact that we are born, grow up, get married, start a family, our kids grow up and start their own life, they have their own kids and then we grow older until the Lord calls us home. And that pattern happens endlessly everyday…we will all die someday and the world will keep turning. We could ask God for another 100 years on this earth, but even if he gave it to us, would we fully maximize our time, our experiences, our impact and our relationships?

So what did Calvin do with his life all those years Hobbes was in the attic? If you could sit with a childhood friend those last hours of your life, and they asked you to tell them about your years, what would your story be? And speaking of those childhood friends, have we stuffed some of them in “the attic”? Those kids we played with, we shared many a dream together, why have we lost contact with them?

I don’t understand life and why it plays out the way it does. I just know this much, Solomon sums up life in the book of Ecclesiastes when he starts it out by declaring that life is meaningless (Ecc1:2 NIV), while in conclusion he gives us the real meaning of life:

Now all has been heard;
here is the conclusion of the matter:
Fear God and keep his commandments,
for this is the duty of all mankind. (Ecc 12:13)

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One Response to "Calvin and Hobbes fans – grab your Kleenex"

  • david dols says:

    I have read Calvin & Hobbes since I was a little boy! At 40 years old, I still read it! It was awesome back then and still makes me laugh today!
    I read “In the final moments of his life, Calvin had one last talk with Hobbes.” It was a difficult read! Contemplating the end of Calvin’s life was very sad! I thought it was awesome to see that he married Suzie Derkins and the two had, was seems to be, and amazing life together! It was a joy to see Calvin pass Hobbes to his grandson! I hope the adventure goes on for him!
    In my heart, Calvin will life on forever! I carry both Calvin & Hobbes everywhere I go with a tattoo on my shoulder!

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