Should Christians be concerned about NSA spying and large corporations scooping up private citizens’ personal data?

“Yes,” notes entrepreneur, blogger, and start-up investor  Scott Barstow — “I think people from all religious groups should be concerned.”

Barstow is quick to point out that not only are governments inclined to violate individual privacy, but private corporations do this as well. “If, for example, you use something online that is free, like Facebook, be assured that you are a part of the product.” he notes. “The company is scooping up as much data about you as possible so they can target you with advertising.”

Barstow offered several easy-to-do actions steps to better ensure one’s digital privacy:

1. Unsubscribe from email lists that are no longer of interest

2. Use as your preferred search engine, instead of,, etc….

3. If you use Google Chrome as your web browser, put it in “incognito” mode each time you open a browser window to prevent Google from keeping a record of your searches

4. When possible, begin paying cash for purchases; credit card companies keep a record of all purchases

5. If you use Facebook, only use it with very strict privacy settings

6. Avoid signing-up for retailers’ “loyalty club” and “preferred customer” cards and clubs

7. Don’t give out your personal information without first understanding how it will be used, and say “no” more often than “yes” when asked for your personal information

You can hear a recent interview that expands on this subject below:

Scott Barstow


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