As if it wasn’t already pretty obvious, dating and relationships have changed over the course the last half-century, and so have the views singles hold on the subject. What was once normal is now “traditional” and what was once taboo is now normal. This is reflected in the whole of society and, as John Stonestreet expertly points out in a recent episode of Breakpoint, the dominance of culture:

“That’s the power of culture; not just to proclaim right and wrong, the real power of culture is what it portrays to be ‘normal’.”

This ‘new normal’ is quantified well in a survey:

What’s OK:
1) Interracial marriage (86%)
2) Interfaith marriage (80%)
3) Long term live in partners who don’t marry (76%)
4) Same-sex marriage (65%)
5) Having children outside of marriage (53%)

What’s still taboo:
1) Sexually open marriages (78%)
2) Long distant marriages (62%)
3) Married couples sleeping in separate bedrooms (56%)
4) Having sex on a first date (80%)

“The Relationship Doctor”, Linda Mintle, joined Faith Radio Mornings to share her thoughts on how singles view relationships. Dr. Mintle says the most disturbing factoid out of the entire survey is that over 50% of those surveyed believe that having kids outside of marriage is OK. Dr. Mintle also gave some great advice for communicating with young adults who don’t share a Biblical view on marriage:

You can read the full article here.

Listen to the interview with Dr. Mintle

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