I must confess that I don’t make new year’s resolutions anymore. I refuse to make a half-hearted list of self-proclaimed promises to myself, and then get swept away by life’s currents of business and busyness. I only set myself up for disappointment and failures.

If only we didn’t get distracted with the busyness of life. My life seems to be much more doable when I make one change at a time.

There’s power in making just one change. There’s power in the One who helps you change. God longs to empower you to change. (tweet this, tag me @thejanellekeith)

With a demanding virtuous agenda, intense focus is needed just to allow change to happen in the first place. I can easily excuse away my motivations to improve my weaknesses.

When making changes for the better, my goals usually direct me at doing things that are of the opposite of my current behavior. I need a lot of help…you do too that’s why you are reading this.

My inability to focus on many ideas at once quickly aborts the total of my desire and then I simply give up trying. I take on too many changes, become overwhelmed at the burden of each one, and am consumed by the commitment it takes to develop each positive change.

I take on too many changes at the start and forget the work involved with each commitment.

One of my weaknesses that God is developing in me is the finish. I’m really great at starting a lot of ideas….really lame at seeing the ideas to the end…

For instance last year, I started at least 10 feed-my-soul-books plus dove deeper into God’s Word. I only finished one of those books, however I’m still continuing the dive into Truth.

I have over 100 posts in my drafts folder of this blog that I want to write for you, I am challenged to go back and look at each one to finish them.

I have 1000+ ideas for teams to be the hands and feet of Jesus, only to have one trip scheduled for this year, plus writing at least 100 more Africa stories from what God taught me this past October.

I started a podcast idea and have recognized that I might have some public speaking skills that I haven’t even tapped into. And now that my schedule is more flexible those opportunities are looming like a giant shadow waiting to battle.

You see, I have areas of growth that I need to let God massage and work His best plan in. So that’s why I start change with the ask. I’m asking God to help finish just one change…learn the training manual about change, allowing God to change me no matter what it takes, and then live the change.

That’s how I focus, that’s how I change. I embrace God’s change in me, just one change at a time.

Last year my word was Hope. This year my word is Freedom.

I resolve to be devoted to focus on this one task, discovering the freedom I have in knowing my source of Freedom. And not succumb to resolution exhaustion by trying to keep pace with other resolution makers.

I resolve to let God deeply discover and uncover new faces of freedom, and embrace freedom as defined by Him and His Holy Word.

I resolve to not let the list of weak excuses choke out attempts for a new and fresh start and leave a reject, dejected and brimful of regret.

How many times have you kicked your resolutions to the cub because they got too hard? Or life got in the way? I don’t blame you if you’ve stopped making resolutions. You’re busy enough and the last ones didn’t work.

It’s not that you wrestle with determination or drive, you wrestle with managing priorities.

When it gets tough for us moms, we usually put bottom out on priority. Plus you are at the max on all circuits of life.

There’s something more empowering in making just one change. Embrace life by making one change at a time. We all have the deep desire to change to be our best but we do not want to go through the work of changing. Drastic changes require drastic actions.

Do you trust God to lead you through that change? We can trust our changes to an unchangeable God. His steadfastness supersedes our failures and fears.

The possibilities are endless when you invite God to be part of your do-overs.

You can embrace change by asking these three simple questions:
What do I need? ~ What’s in my way? ~ What needs to go?

Then your why question: “The why is always more important than the what.”

Look up by asking God for your word,
Listen; ~ Write it down; ~ Take some actions steps today. Don’t check the box; experience the journey. Work hard. Sweat.

Here are simple some action steps that will help you slip into successful changes:

Connect your change with a verse in the Bible, that will anchor your heart to why you want to change.
Take a picture of your word -keep it on your mind,in your pocket and tuck it in your heart, always.
Keep a One Word journal write a thought about it everyday.
Look for sayings and quotes that relate to your word.
Pick a song that reminds you of your word.
Get a tattoo. I suggest temporary body art or a ink pen in your favorite color.
Write it a sticky statement on a post it and then stick everywhere you need to focus on your change.

There will be a day when your resolve will weaken and you will want to smack your goals out to left field and you’ll remember that you are doing this one step at a time. That sticky note will remind you to try again or give yourself some mercy to try harder.

These actions steps will remind you of your why.

Might I suggest one more idea. Write a letter to yourself as if you have succeeded in your change. Like you are on the other side of 10 or 50 lbs. for example and pat yourself on the back with some positive feedback to boost your success.

You are the only you that will take care of you.

Care for yourself like you would care for a prized possession. That’s the way God sees you… as something to treasure. Remind yourself that you are an overcomer if Christ is in you.

You can do it! Embrace change and then celebrate your changes along the journey.

What do you have to lose with just one change? What change do you want to make?


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