I’m one of those sneaky people who always quietly disappear as soon as someone wants to take a picture.  Or I aggressively volunteer to be the one taking the picture.  No therapy needed here to find out why; I generally don’t like how I look in photos.  My current physical condition resembles a circle, and no chiseled features have been bestowed here!

Maybe that’s why I love this blog article I found from Teresa Porter in North Carolina so relevant.  See if it helps you out as you get ready for the rush of holiday snapshots!

So you’re feeling too fat to be photographed…

Listen. I hear you. You’re a few pounds heavier than you like (or a 100lbs heavier than you like). I completely understand how you feel. I get that same blah feeling about myself when I think about booking new head shots or long overdue pictures of me and Justin. Precious, I even picked a career that has me permanently behind the camera rather than in front of it.

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Photo: Flickr

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