It was early morning, and I was fixing my coffee before my daily walk with Jesus. Right beside the coffee maker was the salt shaker….out of place….again. I quickly picked it up, and said to myself….”If I have to move this one more time, I am going to snap!” I was about to slam the salt shaker into it’s rightful place…when I was slammed by the Holy Spirit. “Hey….you miss the mark too”. My arm stopped in mid air, holding the salt shaker in tact.

I was about to come unglued over a salt shaker out of place, over some silly spilled salt. I was upset about the salt shaker being a half-inch from my preferred place on the counter, when the Spirit reminded me that sometimes I am not in the right place with Him.

Ouch, that jolted me more than the freshly brewed coffee.

I was reminded of my unawareness.
I was reminded of my constant imperfections.
I was reminded of my unkind answers on some days.
I must make my every word and action count, keeping Christ as my example and responding with the fruits of His Spirit.
From spilled salt to a holy moment, my shaky hand gently put the shaker in place, it’s rightful place. The Spirit put my heart in it’s rightful place too.

What’s out of place in your life?

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