Is it just me or do you think about your dream everyday? At least once a day, perhaps more? Or am I the only one who holds them close every day and every night?

Maybe your heart is too tired to dream. Perhaps your hands are full of your heart’s hurt? Maybe there is just too much hurt inside that goes way too deep to even hope for a dream.

Just maybe that’s you. Just maybe you think your dreams are too big, intimidating and daunting. Perhaps you need to take a day off from your thoughts.

While you’re sleeping, God is holding your dreams tight. He gives our yearning hearts a little respite to rejuvenate and oomph to make them come alive once again every morning. He holds even our dreams so near and dear.

Don’t we all have that unspoken thing we want God to do in our lives? (If you said no to this question, are you breathing?) Is it just me, or would you like the dream fairy to come by your notebook and sprinkle a little fairy dust?

Does anyone even notice you have a dream and that you hold them close?

Sometime ago, nearer than I would like to admit, I had to lay down my dream. I had held it in for quite sometime. I had to lay it before God and walk away. It was in those moments of sweet surrender that I realized I had the freedom to live my dream God’s way.

We often hold our silent wishes so tight. We pray, we wish, we pray some more. We ask God, we plead, and then we stand by and tap our foot.

We give up on them and think it’s never going to happen. We forget that our God is for us. We forget that He has His perfect will in place since before we were His dream. We forget that it depends on God, we pray like it depends on us.

For many of us a dream can be a burden, or a suffering for a cause. Something that is only birthed in our minds and never develops heart. We struggle, and play tug-o-war with the details and then do battle some more. It loops continually in our souls, one failed attempt at a time. This leaves us empty.

Do your dreams need a new breath of life?

Holy breath that inspires and gives good things, can make your dream come alive once again. What dream do you need to surrender to God? What sweet peace are you craving? What dream do you hold close that you don’t want others to see but yet you want people to notice?

I have surrendered my dream to my Savior who holds it dear to His heart. And now I am going to pray like it depends on God over me. If you need me, I’ll be over here hunched over my laptop with a new blog post on my mind. using the skills that God has given me to reach out to you, developing my dream. Yes, that is me night after night working silently and diligently on His craft.

What are you doing about yours?

God can piece your dream together breath by breath, page by page, piece by piece. I need not worry about the time well spent logging my thoughts or pondering. God is holding those close too. I know it’s not meaningless, but worth the effort. After all this voice I have been given is my response back to One who holds my dreams. The work is worth it, the sweat, the sacrifice, the time, His cause is worth it.

In the dark of the night, in the light of your workroom, in the silence of your creation, may you allow yourself a little Holy breath of Life? Remember you have been created with gifts and special abilities that gnaw at your insides for a reason. Don’t forget why you started to dream, don’t forget what hole that God wants to fill, and don’t forget who has your dreams in His hands.

Do the work that no one sees. Breathe a little life into your dream, and let go of it. Offer your dream to a Holy God that can already see the hard work you can’t notice. Your sweet surrender is waiting, the freedom to soar. While you’re waiting, develop your craft. Do the work no one sees.

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