We just found this story that offers much hope for those touched by autism and looks promising in helping them communicate. The same Apple iPad that lets people show off pictures and play “Angry Birds” can provide a brighter picture for families with autistic children. In the past, there have been software programs to help autistic children communicate with their parents and caregivers _ but they were often part of expensive, specialized devices. But a new company, AssistiveWare, has created apps for the iPad and iPhone for to help autistic kids learn to communicate better. He says the use of apps to facilitate communication puts high-tech solutions in the hands of families who might not have been able to afford specialized equipment. He says if an autistic child is able to communicate better, it can help the child avoid behavioral problems _ and create a more positive atmosphere at home. The AssistiveWare line of apps is available on iTunes.

One Response to "Apps Help Autistic Kids Communicate"

  • Cheryl Luckow says:

    Hi Pam. I am a speech and language pathologist, who is also the augmentative communication specialist for the Anoka Hennepin School district. In my role, I support teams and families looking to help their children communicate. I heard your message this morning on the radio on my way to work;and read the summary above. While I understand and am glad about the excitement in the new techology possibilities, I would like to caution you on a couple of things; in your on-air blurb, you (likely on accident) said that the ipad WILL help an autistic child to communicate. It is possible that it may help, but there are many factors that go into deciding what to use with a child who cannot communicate verbally in an effective way, and whether it will actually work. I am certainly not anti-ipad. I have seen some very nice things and know that there is excitement around it. I just would caution that care should be taken when “recommending” something on air,(especially something that traditionally has been a medically necessary/ funded system for a person. In this case, having parents contact their private or school speech pathologist, or physician, would be a good first step. On a side note, there are many wonderful apps that do the same as the one from AssistiveWare. Thank you for promoting support of communication!

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