Today at our KTIS staff meeting, we celebrated a significant milestone!  Praise God, 1,000,000 prayers have been reached on PrayerWorks, and we thank YOU!  Whether you’ve posted a prayer, or prayed for someone, we rejoice that God’s people are coming together through the power of prayer.  As we announce this, we’re excited to introduce a special PrayerWorks page devoted to our brave military & their families!  Please visit PrayerWorks For Our Troops and leave your prayer request, or pray for these brave men and women & loved ones!  Thank you!  God is using you to make a difference!

3 Responses to "One-Million Prayers!"

  • Judy Hamann says:

    I am requesting prayer for my niece Angie. She suffers from depression and anxiety and is on medication. She has been planning a vacation to Canada for over a year, and all plans and reservatons have been made. Recently her boss told her that she cannot go, because she does not have enough annual leave. I am concerned about how this will affect her, emotionally and financially.

    1. tired tired says:

      Prayers for Angie, to feel God’s peace and for things to work out in order for her to heal. All things work together for his good! Amen in agreement! God send your angels, ten thousands on ten thousands to surround her with your peace and love. Amen.

    2. tired tired says:

      If anyone sees this, please pray hard for myself and my family. There are years and years and years of chaos, and suffering abuse of emotional and psychological nature. It never ceases and I am asking for prayers from all prayer warriors to please please help us. We are completely worn and exhausted and its effecting the entire family. There is one person who continues to harrass and abuse and it seems there is no end. We are desperatly asking for prayer, to pray the evil down from them, and fill Jesus in their home so they may not harm anyone else. emotionally or psychologically. thank you

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