I can’t recall a Winter like the one we’ve experienced this season.  I grew up in these parts, (Friendly Fridley), and never could’ve imagined a weekend with highs around 80.  I mean, it is March, and there should be snow on the ground & cold temps.  Where’s our Twin Cities tournament time snowstorm, (not that I’m complaining)?  My goodness there are buds on the bushes in my front yard.  Like any Minnesotan, I respond to nice weather by vigorously embracing it. I swear if my pop-up camper wasn’t in storage, I would’ve been enjoying the great outdoors by the campfire.  Today, I found myself home alone with my 9-month-old Jackson.  I’ve been craving taking him for a walk in a wagon, but alas, no wagon. So, I strapped on a baby carrying device, and off we went.  Not only was there the feel of Spring in the air, but that familiar aroma of the season was also present.  Jack talked much of our 60-minute walk together, (as much as a 9-month-old can), expressing his glee of being outside.  As I walked, I found myself thanking Jesus for this little boy, and the opportunity I’ve been given to see a little life grow, and witness his senses and resulting wonderment bloom.  What more could I ask for, but to see this precious gift intrigued as much as his dad with a 75-degree March Winter day walk.  I’m thankful, and humbly blessed.  By the way, Happy Spring!  It arrives Tuesday, 3/20…

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