Grab a friend and dunk a few today in honor of the Oreo Cookie! Invented 100 years ago today, the Oreo Facebook page has 25 million fans and it even has a street named after it in New York City – Oreo Way.  No one has been credited with coming up with the Oreo idea and there are many theories on the origins of the name. One historian said that she believed the name came from combining the “re” in creme and the two “o’s” in chocolate. Also some other fun facts; Oreos are very popular in China and come in interesting flavors like GREEN TEA as well as orange, mango and blueberry!

Here’s one woman who takes her Oreos very seriously, she carves them into amazing cameo like works of art. You have to see these to believe it! What’s your favorite way to eat an Oreo?

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