We had a fun time on the KTIS Morning Show talking about the sweet, inspirational and fun things you post on your refrigerator. I was reminded of this as I posted the following list I found over the weekend…

4 Responses to "Ten Things God Wants You To Know"

  • Jim says:

    thought you would like this

  • Pam, this saying you read today of the 10 things God wants you to remember was so relevant for me and my daughter who is away at Grad school, enjoying it but feeling lonely with no best friend there and no boyfriend in her life or future and I wanted to email it to her but couldn’t get the whole thing to print. can you email to me or direct me to a website where I might be able to print,somehow got it by itself but when I try to print keeps cutting the last 1-2 off. Thanks for all you do, have a blessed day.

  • Cherie Olson says:

    I am going to print this out and post it on my fridge. Some days just these simple reminders would make a HUGE difference in my stress level!!! Thank you!!

  • Kristin says:

    What a great reminder, thank you for that. I felt peace as I read it! I’m going to try printing it too- it should be shared 🙂

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