On Friday, December 30, 2011, Benilde St. Margaret Sophomore, Jack “Jabby” Jablonski, was chasing a puck behind the goal line when a check from behind sent him headfirst into the boards. His injury was severe: two broken vertebra and a severed spinal cord; his life changed in an instant.  For Jack’s full story and recovery update, please see caringbridge.com: jackjablonski.

Jack grew up playing hockey in the Minneapolis (Storm) Hockey Association in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Minneapolis Hockey Association – along with the Jablonski family – are driving change in the game to eliminate dangerous play and to make hockey safer for young hockey players everywhere.

Jack’s tragic incident birthed Jack’s Pledge, a grass-roots program aimed at enhancing safety in the game of hockey. Through membership in Jack’s Pledge, hockey associations, hockey teams, hockey coaches and hockey players (boys and girls) pledge to play the Right Way — Jack’s Way — by the rules, safe, smart and skillfully.

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  • N. K. Stanchina says:

    My prayers are with the Jablonski family. As a mother whose son severed his spinal cord in a skiing accident (he was a ski instructor and was racing his little brother down the hill at Welch Village) I have felt the pain and I know what you are going through and the many hurdles you have before you. Please know that we serve a Mighty God. He will get you all through this and will miraculously hold you in his hand. It is right to give Him thanks and praise! God bless all of you.

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