You can help heal a marriage

“Me? Help heal a marriage?” you ask. Yes you can—not all by yourself, but in partnership with God and 98.5 KTIS.

Believe it or not, God actually uses music on KTIS to help heal marriages. A friend wrote:

“My husband and I began to experience serious problems in our marriage. Conflicts escalated to the point where my husband said he wanted a divorce but we stayed together a little while longer. I found myself blaming him for all our problems.

One summer evening I was so angry with him I could no longer lie in bed beside him, so I got up, took my radio, went outside and laid on the lawn to listen to music on your station. In the quietness of the night, I began to listen carefully to the words of those songs. They spoke about how holy God is, and I began to see how unholy I was.

God used the music to show me how I was contributing to the conflicts in our home, too. I knew I had to stop laying all the blame on my husband.

The next morning I apologized to my husband for the many ways I had contributed to the destruction of our marriage.”

What wasn’t available to this woman when she wrote us  – but is now – are many resources on KTIS under the “Your Life” tab. They are designed to help strengthen your marriage and heal relationships that are cracked and nearly broken.

God + a song + friends like you = marriages that can be repaired. You can be part of this equation by making a financial gift today of any amount to KTIS. Your contribution will make sure the music and the other resources on the web are available for God to use in healing marriages.

Would you consider making, for example, a one-time gift of $100 or maybe even a monthly gift of $10, $20 or $30 to KTIS? You can make your gift safely and securely right now.

The last time we heard from this friend she said she and her husband were going for counseling to try to rebuild their marriage. Wouldn’t you like to know that you could play a part in marriage recovery in the future?

Thank you for listening to KTIS and for giving to help marriages.

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