1. God Is Love (Intro) 0:29
  2. Coming Alive 3:27
  3. The Loudest Voice 3:03
  4. Love Looks Beautiful 3:38
  5. The Way God Sees (feat. Mike Weaver) 0:00
  6. Fearless 3:49
  7. The Fire 4:17
  8. Go Be Light 4:10
  9. Made for Loving You (feat. Andrew Bergthold) 0:00
  10. How Much More (feat. Meredith Andrews) 0:00
  11. If You Want Me To 3:45
  12. Wonderful Wonder (feat. Andrew Greer) 0:00
  13. God Is Love (feat. All Sons & Daughters) 0:00

The Loudest Voice

Ginny Owens

: There is so much noise
That fights for my attention
Begging me to listen
But will I choose to listen-
Old familiar sounds
Of doubt and fear and anger
That threaten me with danger
But will I run from danger-
When I know you love me
Is when I find that I’m free
To love the way you love me
Love the way you love-

Love be the loudest voice I hear
The loudest voice I hear
The loudest voice I hear
Oh love is drowning out my fear
Drowning out my fear
With the loudest voice I hear.

There’s really just one word
That says what we’re all seekin’
Love is what we’re needin/
Love is what we’re needin/
It meets us where we are
And puts us back together
Love’s the only answer
Yeah, love’s the only answer-

Love be the loudest
Love Be the loudest
Love be the loudest
Voice I hear-

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One story about "The Loudest Voice"

  • Jean Medzis says:

    This is my summer song!! Heard it for the first time this morning driving into work. Just what a needed. Great upbeat, and replaces the doubt and fear I struggle with. Thank you so much for the awesome music-everyday. As you say the right song at the right time

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