1. No Matter What 3:47
  2. Take You Away 3:17
  3. Beautiful To Me 4:21
  4. This Love Doesn't Run 4:15
  5. Keep Breathing 4:19
  6. Unstoppable 3:35
  7. Outcast 2:51
  8. Maybe I'm Afraid 4:22
  9. Love Comes Down 3:39
  10. Savior To Me (Sing Glory) 5:10
  11. Digital Booklet: Kerrie Roberts - Digital Booklet 0:00

No Matter What

Kerrie Roberts

One story about "No Matter What"

  • Deb Krause says:

    I had submitted a Prayer Request on “Prayer Works” in April, 2013. My brother-in-law Jerry Krause; a Pilot in Africa went missing on April 7th, 2013. Today is the 3-months mark since his disappearance. Jerry and the Plane he was flying are still missing. (Jerry, his wife Gina and their 3 children have been Missionaries in Africa for 25 years.) The story and updates may be found on the “Find Jerry” fb page. Every time an update is posted, it is being viewed by 25-40,000 individuals. People from around the world have been praying for Jerry to be found ever since. We had an extended family prayer time yesterday (07/07/2013) for Jerry and his family. It was a time of sharing, praying, crying and still trusting God, “No Matter What”. Our Hope is in the Lord. We pray “expectantly” for a resolve. This song “so touched” my heart this morning on the way to work. Listen to the words of this song and allow them resonate in your heart. “No Matter What, I’m gonna love you…” We covet your prayers as we continue to wait upon the Lord for a resolve to this situation. A “special” Thank You to Kerrie Roberts for this song and to KTIS for playing it. May the words of this song bless those who listen as well.
    Humbly submitted…
    Debbie Krause (Waseca, MN.)

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